About us!

Millidgeville Marine opened its doors in 1989. We at Millidgeville Marine try to offer the expertise and knowledge that has been gained from over 45 years of boating, both sail and power, wood and fiberglass. I, Brian McKenney or better known as Bear, will try my best to solve your problem. I do all our installations and repairs. I am usually the outside man in the summer but for the rest of the year I am behind the counter. I like to sell products which I have worked with and know work.

We stock a full array of boating supplies and electronics: Harken, International Paints, West System, and Ray Marine and Garmin.

I was the first in our area to professionally plain the bottom of a boat for osmosis and return the boat to better than new condition.

There are no two days the same when it comes to working on a boat. One day we are installing electronics, the next we are repairing the plumbing system. We also have a full woodworking shop for most interior repairs or upgrades.

So as we say at Millidgeville Marine:

"Come by land, Come by water - Millidgeville Marine, For all your Boating Needs."